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1g Diamond Infused Pre-Roll: Blueberry Frost


Packwoods + Sherbinskis collaboration features two of their most popular strains. Each Packwood has 2 Grams of premium Sherbinski flower infused with premium concentrate, hand rolled in an 100% Tobacco Free wrap, Dusted in Kief, with an Engineered Glass Filter.




Diamond harmonizes ULTRA premium flower and ULTRA potent 98%+ THC-A diamonds, providing a deep balanced body effect and flavorful filled smooth smoke flow. The current strain offerings test at up to 55% THC!
Diamond is the latest offering from the ULTRA line, an elite collection that embodies the core of Heavy Hitter’s brand principles: To create the purest, most potent cannabis products on the market.
Folded Tip | Small Batch | Limited Drops | Hand Crafted | Ready-To-Smoke You might be surprised when you take a whiff of Blueberry Frost – it’s surprisingly spicy and diesel-y, and that sweet blueberry scent is almost eclipsed by herbs and pepper. It’s a complex bouquet, and by the time you’re able to pinpoint all the different flavors, you’ll already be riding high on a wave of good vibes and happy giggles. Make sure you have a comfy couch nearby: Once the initial euphoria wears off, you’ll be ready for naptime.
Strain Type: Sativa
Taste Profile: Blueberry, Spice, Diesel
Effect Profile: Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxed


Cannabis Type: Sativa
Effects:             Happy



Flavor:              Berry



Weight:            1g