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3-Pack Diamond Infused Pre-Roll: Orange Durban





Heavy Hitters’ Infused Pre-Rolls are made for those who want a little something extra. Each premium pre-roll is all nugs and no shake, with an infused concentrate that amplifies the already top-shelf high that you can expect from Heavy Hitters. Light up, and enjoy your favorite strain like it was your first time again.

Folded Tip | Concentrate Infused | Limited Drops | Hand Crafted | Ready-To-Smoke

If there was a strain like smokable sunshine, this would be it. Orange Durban is the perfect companion to start your day and get you moving, hitting you with creative motivation and the get-up-and-go you’ll need to knock out your chores and get to the good stuff. Spend some quality time with this citrusy, piney Sativa and make it an Orange Durban kind of day.

Strain Type: Sativa

Taste Profile: Orange, Sweet, Pine

Effect Profile: Energized, Focused, Creative

Lineage: Cross between Orange Juice and Durban Poison



Cannabis Type:  Sativa
Effects:              Creative


Flavor:               Orange