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Biscotti Gushers is a heavily Indica-dominant strain (80/20) bred by Connected Cannabis Co. from two of their most popular parent strains. The classic Gushers and Biscotti strains give their kid the same delicious flavors and skunky-yet-appealing flavors. Those who suffer from a lack of euphoria and an excess of depression may need a retreat to a skunky pine and herby-earth exile. Well, you’re in luck – This strain is the king there and he’s requesting your presence.

This strain (sometimes called GushersBiscotti) is gassy and intense. Every breath of Biscotti Gushers lends its lineage’s delicious flavor to your sleepy evenings. Bis Gush tastes a lot like fresh berries, overripe with skunky deliciousness. Gassy citrus enters your senses on the inhale while earthy, foresty pine froths out in every exhale. These flavors are laced with pungent spiciness too, even as you snack on sweet fruit. There’s a lot going on. Even the smoke is heavy and thick, butane-like and fuely with a taste of earth and chocolate. Don’t even try to hide this strain from nosy parents or picky friends. They’ll catch on immediately.

This strain lifts you into a sense of happy calm. The euphoria is nearly immediate and couch-locking at the same time. You’ll be physically relaxing as you mentally expand, your body sinking and your mind flying. Biscotti Gushers leads from these senses of relaxation to a strong sedating sleepiness. You might want to wait for the evening for this one since you’ll be ready for bed in no time.

Typical Effects

Common Usage

Since the physical and mental effects of this strain provide so much lifting and bedding down, users that feel chronically elevated and stressed can use this one to literally spice up their evenings. Chronic stress, depression, and pain fades from the fruity fuel explosion of Biscotti Gushers goodness. Inflammation, which can cause stress to build up even more, can relax its clinching grip on your muscles on a Biscotti Gushers high (this is why the strain is a favorite among arthritis suffers). Sleep problems can lead to insomnia and fatigue, but a dose of Biscotti can help you conk out.

THC Content

The Biscotti Gushers plant grows in thick olive-green clumps, dense and super green, with thin amber hairs and a cloak of cloudy amber crystals. The earthy exhale and fuel aroma may not be for everyone, but the transcendent 35% THC levels are sure to solve any late-evening post-work stress issues. The chocolate fruit fuel and pine-gassy berry skunk sensation is only the odd icing on the even odder cake.

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