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Biscotti Live Resin Budder


“Biscotti” is a term used in Italian to describe something that has been “twice-cooked.” With Biscotti’s mid-20s THC levels and sweet dessert flavors, you can twice cook your brain.

Biscotti has been a fan favorite in the dispensary scene for years due to its potency and wide range of effects. This Cookies hybrid offers calming and cerebral effects, making it popular among recreational and medical users. In this article, we will discuss Biscotti’s genetics, effects, and growing process!

The delicious terpene profile of this uncommon Indica (80/20) is why it has such potent flavors. Cannabis connoisseurs who want to make their terpene-rich extracts will also find them useful. New Bay Area residents should consider checking out this strain, which has a similar flavor to Thin Mints Cookies.

Biscotti is an Indica dominant hybrid resulting from crossbreeding an Indica-dominant parent with a Sativa-dominant parent strain. It has an 80 percent Indica and a 20 percent Sativa ratio. However, some growers have been able to produce Biscotti with a 50-50 split. It relieves anxiety, stress, pain, and hunger and aids in stress reduction and pain relief. Biscotti has an earthy taste that includes undertones of coffee and chocolate.

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Biscotti Live Resin Budder is an Indica-leaning concentrate that expresses a complex aroma of berries, skunk, and petrol. And not to be outdone by the intoxicating aroma, the flavor hits like a revved-up fruit treat with a gassy exhale and spicy undertones.

* West Coast Cure concentrates are tested in compliance with California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control requirements.

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