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Frosted Flakes (hybrid)


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Residents of Michigan sure are lucky, because Frosted Freak seems to only be available in that part of the country. Unknown breeders have acquired two very rare strains, Brand X and High Roller, and crossed them to create this evenly-balanced hybrid. Although she may not be widely available on shelves, this strain has made a name for herself across the country.

Frosted Freak is a very consistent strain that nearly always measures at 21% THC. Her nugs are named for the incredibly frosty appearance her trichomes produce across her deep green base. A thick layer of sticky resin tops things off and contributes to the visual appeal. If you’re into unique flavor combinations, this strain is for you, as citrus, mint, pine, and earth all mingle within her scents and tastes, causing Frosted Freak to be either a “love it or hate it” type of bud.

While this strain may not be super crazy when it comes to potency, the effects you’ll experience with Frosted Freak should encourage you to use a bit of caution. Users find that they initially enjoy a strong lift in their mood, allowing them to be chatty and energetic. This phase may be ideal for fun activities with friends or even for a day at the office, depending on where you work. However, it’s not all smiles with this bud, as a warm set of bodily tingles will start at your temples and work their way down to your toes. This imparts a strong sense of relaxation, and while you won’t necessarily be sedated, you’ll find that your productivity has definitely been hampered.

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Imagine being in physical pain or carrying around a ton of stress during any given part of the day, and then having the ability to make it nearly vanish with ease. That’s what a few puffs of Frosted Freak will accomplish, as this bud is great for a wide range of medical issues. Not only are the usual culprits addressed, but daily fatigue can also be treated and in some cases, seizures as well. While it may seem as if smoking a ton of this strain will offer even more benefits, it’s best to pace yourself, as Frosted Freak can get psychedelically overwhelming if you’re not careful.

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Even if you don’t live in Michigan, there’s a chance that a visit there could result in obtaining a clipping of Frosted Freak and thus allowing you to grow it at home yourself. This strain is incredibly hearty and will do just fine inside or outdoors. Her flowering time takes roughly 8 to 9 weeks and cultivators will end up with a very nicely sized yield.

Fans of stronger and more savory buds will no doubt love Frosted Freak, but even if you aren’t super in love with her flavors, you’ll likely change your tune after you experience her high. Keep this strain on hand at all times, because you never know when you’ll need a little lift in your day.

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