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Galatic Glue – Live Rosin Jam


Looking for a unique and beautiful way to show off your cannabis skills? Our Galatic Glue – Live Rosin Jam are excellent for you! These diamonds are created with the help of specially-selected strains of cannabis, and they come in a delicious terpene-packed sauce. Whether you’re a budtender or just looking for a unique gift, our Live Resin Diamonds are sure to impress.

Our Galatic Glue – Live Rosin Jam are carefully curated to be of the highest quality and functionality, making them perfect for any cannabis lover looking for an elegant and sophisticated addition to their stash. Whether you’re a consumer looking for a luxurious treat or a professional seeking the best possible product, our diamonds are sure to please you.

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Beginning with fresh frozen specific genetics and only the frostiest hand-picked tops, our fine-tuned solventless extraction process produces clean, high-quality concentrate that represents the pure full flavor and sensation of each specific cannabis strain. Galatic Glue – Live Rosin Jam is cured for just the right time and temperature, ensuring consistent quality to bring out the natural terpene and flavor profile. GALACTIC GLUE / INDICA · Taste: Sweet, Pine, Spicy · Feeling: Euphoria, Relaxing, Happy · Description: Blast off into space with galactic glue, this stoney indica’s will drift you off to sleep every time.

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