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Gold father




Goldfather Brand is a newcomer to the game but has really

made an impression with their ability to get a great flavor out of pretty much any product that they sell. Their THC oil cartridges and disposables are no exception to this and are all well-made and effective products. This is another company that really puts an emphasis

on only using natural ingredients. All of its cannabis is also sourced directly from the United States and is processed in FDA-approved facilities. In addition, all of their products are tested in independent labs-that way, the company ensures that there is never anything untoward going on with their formulas.

Another fantastic thing is that the company has a wide assortment of strains and natural flavors

to choose from. You also do not need to worry about any of them being of lesser quality. All of them contain 900 mg of THC, making them nice and potent indeed.

So, let’s talk about prices for a moment. One single cartridge will cost you $39.95. That is a pretty good deal. There are no bulk discounts, but you can expect to get a pretty hefty 25% discount when you take out a subscription with

the company.

This company is one of our top-rated vendors for delta 9 THC vape carts – especially if you’re just getting started with this cannabinoid. Goldfather Disposables offers a lower potency range than cake bars, but with the same high-standards when it comes to the quality of ingredients.

You can choose only one strain so far –

Blueberry – which contains 1000 mg of delta 9

THC combined with strain-specific terpenes.

This vape works on the other spectrum of delta

9 properties, inducing a calmer state of mind, noticeable physical relaxation, and a lot of creativity.

Available flavors

Apple Fritters Goldfather Disposables

Lava Cake Goldfather Disposables

Lychee Sorbet Goldfather Disposables

Maui Wowie Goldfather Disposables

Cereal Milk Goldfather Disposables

Mochi Gelato Goldfather Disposables

Godfather OG Goldfather Disposables

Garaminals Goldfather Disposables

Medellin OG Goldfather Disposables