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Green Line OG (hybrid)


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True cannabis experts are to thank for Green Line OG, as breeders at Cresco Labs crossed Ghost OG and Lime Skunk for a super strong treat. Great for any time of the day, this bud is incredibly potent and should be reserved for use by those who know how to handle their THC. Balanced effects and delicious flavors will have you craving this bud time and time again.

When we mention potency it’s for a good reason, and since Green Line OG tops out at 29%, newbies really should steer clear. Nugs do look rather inviting, however, as fluffy heart-shaped pieces are coated in tiny amber trichomes. An enticing blend of flavors and aromas come along for the ride as well, as earth, pine, lime, and skunk all mingle for a taste that’s savory, sour, and strong.

Assuming you’re not totally put off by the menagerie of aromas surrounding you, Green Line OG will take you on an incredible ride. Instead of going way up before coming down, you’ll instead experience a high that’s smooth and delightful. Cerebral effects hit you right away with a lift to your mental state that brings euphoria well within reach. As you settle into this feeling, your body will begin to mirror a state of relaxation that’s calm but not lethargic. Some individuals find their ability to focus increases while others can float through the day without letting any worries touch them.

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Given that Green Line OG is a great bud for any time of the day, medical users can turn to her effects for long-lasting relief whenever they please. Mental woes are among the top issues that this strain can manage, so anyone who struggles with depression or stress will find their happy place here. Bodily issues including headaches, cramps, or even general pain are also soothed by just a few tokes. In some instances, this strain can work to impart a boost of energy, giving those who deal with ongoing fatigue some much-needed help.

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For many users, Green Line OG is basically a dream come true, and while the strain isn’t necessarily advertised as rare, it can be hard to find. What’s worse, it seems that Cresco has this plant under lock and key, as growing information simply isn’t available. Sometimes you can purchase seeds online and hope for the best, but in this case, the closest thing you’ll get is a nug or two.

If and when you do locate this strain at your local dispensary, prepare for a high unlike any other. Although her psychoactive effects are certainly powerful, there’s also a delicate balance between being crazy high and incredibly functional, making Green Line OG the perfect bud for a workday, night in, or weekend out.

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