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Lemon Diesel (wax)


Limited Edition Brexit Extracts This limited edition release of CBD extracts takes inspiration from what is likely to be remembered as one of the biggest points in British history. The “Trainwreck” strain profile fits how the country feels about Brexit- now you have the chance to give Brexit a dab! And just to be clear this drop isn’t about…

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Lemon Diesel

Type: Hybrid, 70:30 indica:sativa

Ancestry: California Sour and Lost Coast OG

Creators: Green Lantern Seeds

THC Content: 15-19%

Terpenes: caryophyllene, pinene, myrcene, limonene

Appearance: Neon-green dense buds, with dark purple and grayish flowers, all covered in trichome frosting

Aroma and Taste: A treat for the nose and palette, Lemon Diesel is an unusual, tart combination of lemon, diesel, and pepper, with earthy undertones.

Recreational Effects

Lemon Diesel encapsulates the full cannabis experience.

As expected, it starts with a quintessential sativa-like rush of clear-headed euphoria and energy, but being that this strain is an indica-dominant hybrid after all, this energy will mostly be mental, like a charge of creativity and focus that will send your mind racing through fascinating ideas and thoughts while your increasingly loose body tingles pleasantly on the couch. Engrossed in this wondrous state of mind, all worries and barriers will seemingly dissolve. In that sense, Lemon Diesel is suitable for social occasions as well, especially when consumed in moderation and indoors due to the indica effects that follow relatively shortly after this initial surge.

As time goes on, the mental buzz morphs into an overall sense of positivity and joy, while the body gets heavier and lighter at the same time, floating on the cloud-like couch. After a while longer, a deep sense of peace and relaxation will permeate your entire being.

To make the most of Lemon Diesel’s full-body high that caps the experience off instead of having to power through it if you’re outside or sleep through it if it’s late, it’s best to enjoy this strain in the after hours, either in the comfort of your home or close to it.

Medicinal Benefits

Lemon Diesel’s medicinal benefits are highly versatile.

On the one hand, the strain’s ability to uplift the mood goes a long way in the battle against mental issues, plus the sedative effects that follow promote sounder sleep. With that being said, moderation is key, as Lemon Diesel’s stimulating nature can also veer into paranoia and anxiety if the quantities are excessive and the user is susceptible.

On the other hand, Lemon Diesel’s munchies are great for people who may suffer from a lack of appetite. Last but not least, the tingling sensation that spreads throughout the body can be quite arousing and stimulating in the bedroom.

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