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Lemon Ice Strain: is a mostly sativa hybrid created by Barcelona-based growers Ripper Seeds. A cross between staple landrace Afghani and flavorful sativa Lemon Haze, that results in a buzzy strain with strong visual appeal and a memorable citrus aroma. Lemon Ice’s THC content has been measured at levels of between 16% and 23%.

Flowers of Lemon Ice stand out with their exceptionally large size and tight conical formations. Despite predominantly sativa influences, these buds have an indica-leaning internal structure of a dense core made up of tightly-coiled leaves. The leaves are a vibrant shade of yellowish green and are twisted through with curly yellow hairs, that are actually reproductive structures called pistils, which are meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants. A dusting of crystalline white trichomes makes these flowers look icy, making them very sticky and hard to break up without a grinder.

Once cured, Lemon Ice gives off the unmistakable aroma of fresh citrus and a closer whiff may perceive some herbal, eucalyptus-like hints passed on from grandparent strain Haze. When these chunky buds are ground up or broken apart, they yield the piney, incense-like odor distinctive of Afghani. Burning Lemon Ice gives off an acrid, peppery smoke that may be of a bit of an irritant to sensitive palates. On the exhale, this smoke mingles flavors of lemon and tobacco.

Typical Effects


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Lemon Ice doesn’t waste time before hitting users with a palpable head-rush. This onset may also come with physical sensations like flushing in the cheeks or a stimulation of the salivary glands. As they become accustomed to these tingles smokers will be granted access to a new plane of mental activity. Thoughts may seem to move very quickly or may take on a newly intense dimension, illuminating connections between disparate concepts. Similarly, consumers may find themselves launched into reveries of free association by the trigger of a single word or memory. In buzzy social settings, all this cerebral energy can take the form of lively conversation and camaraderie, no matter who you’re with. For those who are feeling productive, Lemon Ice can help drive that, enabling work on detailed, analytical tasks as well as creative and open-ended pursuits.

THC Content


Even as this high wears on, users are largely unaffected by a heavy body stone. While some may experience a release from muscular tension or a greater capacity for deep and easy breathing, these effects aren’t typically enough to derail a day’s plans. Instead, Lemon Ice’s combination of mental acuity and physical calm can enhance activities that require full-body coordination, including, but not limited to, dancing, exercise, and sex. Because of its mostly upbeat, energetic vibe, Lemon Ice is recommended for daytime consumption; if toked at night, it’s liable to keep smokers awake and wired.

A stimulating recreational strain, Lemon Ice may also have some applications for medical cannabis patients. Its tuned-in ways of thinking may aid concentration for those with ADD, and the generally elevated mood may temporarily relieve some symptoms of stress or depression. Physically speaking, this strain can be an analgesic for intense disease-related pain, as well as minor discomforts due to inflammation. Because its cerebral activation can morph into paranoia or obsession in the wrong set and setting, it may not be the best option for patients who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Those looking to grow at home can purchase seeds of Lemon Ice online. It can be grown indoors or out, with success calling for a semi-humid climate and consistent daytime temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees. Plants follow a sativa growth template, tall and branchy stature that indoor growers may want to keep in check via regular pruning. Lemon Ice reaches flowering maturity in a very long 11 to 12 weeks when grown indoors, and is ready for harvest in late November when cultivated outdoors. Patient gardeners can yield between 37 to 47 grams, or 1.3 to 1.6 ounces, of flower per square foot of plant.

A must-try for sativa fans, Lemon Ice combines the best of some very potent genetics. Its bold flavors make also make this strain worth seeking out by terpene connoisseurs.

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