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Moxie Bubba Kush Strain Specific Cartridge (1.0g)





Moxie Bubba Kush Strain Specific Cartridge

Bubba Kush Strain Specific 510 Cartridge. Indica (1.0g) This popular strain is full of captivating sweet aromas that taste like sipping a peppery, hot chocolate. We can’t tell you exactly how this Indica strain will make you feel – everyone’s body chemistry is different, and your experience will be as unique as you are – but Brittany claims this is her secret weapon to finishing the Sunday crossword puzzles without cheating.

CartridgeBubba KushCBDCBNEarthyHappyIndicaRelaxedSpicy/HerbalTHCTHC-DominantUpliftedWoody

About this strain: Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush originated in the early 1990s as an accidental hybrid that crossed itself in Matt Berger’s garden.

Also known as Bubba, Berger discovered a phenotype called Kush — a cut of the Afghan Kush landrace strain that grew in the wild. While experimenting indoors with these Kush genetics, a crop of Northern Lights growing in the same room ended up intermingling with Kush, leaving behind a set of seeds.