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Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato (Indica)


Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato These beautiful nugs are absolutely covered in frost. Can definitely taste the Ic but very smooth. Smokes pretty great and provides nice effects.

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With a tendency to lean towards its indica lineage our Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato is an amazing strain to end the day with, with a rich smooth flavor the Platinum Lemon Cherry Gelato is guaranteed to plant your feet to the ground.

Lemon, also called Lemon OG, was created by the team at DNA Genetics. The strain combines a Las Vegas-raised Lemon Skunk with the OG #18 phenotype of OG Kush. True to its name, Lemon features overpowering citrus notes with a distinct lemon flavor thanks to its higher percentage of limonene terpenes.

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