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Stiiizy Premium THC Pod Watermelon Z 1g




Stiiizy Premium THC Pod Watermelon Z 1g

Botanically derived terpenes from STIIIZY come from a variety of natural plants and have a balanced smell and taste for a consistent experience every time. These high-quality concentrates have a high level of purity and set the standard for the industry to influence and inspire in new ways. The effects of Watermelon Z first present themselves as a barrage of cerebral effects, crashing into the skull with a sense of exuberant, disorienting joy. As your thoughts fly, your body will enter a state of deep relaxation, grounding you even as your thoughts surge. Watermelon Z is promoted as the ideal treatment for conditions including mood swings, persistent stress, and anxiety because of its effects.


STIIIZY offers a line of premium cannabis products that have set new quality standards for portability and efficiency. STIIIZY has become a major lifestyle brand in the cannabis industry thanks to its innovative pod technology, which has gained a cult following since its release.

Stiiizy pods are compatible with Stiiizy premium vaporizers.

Contains 1g cannabis oil