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Dabwoods Disposable Strawnana Vape Information

After years of research, Dabwoods found the best blend of flavors and THC to meet the needs of every vape consumer.  Each cartridge contains 90% THC and they have proven with lab results their effectiveness. One of the unique features of Dabwoods cartridges is that they are the most aesthetic and stylish cartridges among others with their sleek wooden tip. Strawnana is a hybrid strain with a soothing and cheerful high that will leave you mentally engaged but physically kicked from beginning to end. It hits you strong and fast, with a rush of euphoric cerebral effects that fill you with a dizzy sense of creativity and motivation. You’ll be focused and enthusiastic, ready to take on any mental challenge or engage in conversation with others. This lifted state is accompanied by a hefty bodily high that keeps you couch-locked and drugged as your mind slips higher and higher. Chronic exhaustion, depression, chronic stress, ADD or ADHD, and migraines or headaches are all common uses for Strawnana.

  • 90% THC
  • 1 gram of premium cannabis oil
  • Rechargeable (charger not included)